and Youth in The Butterfly House

“What makes can really satiate the art of life itself be

Pursue their dreams to create new pieces of myself, my self. “


Self-transformed through a new way of intellectual entertainment. Exciting social and personal game of life. Meaningful use of leisure time. Major investments DNA of backfill happiness and gold.

Leisure, entertainment needs to be happy is your golden share. You can multiply it by sending an application for fun personality self-education here and now.


Getting to know each other, discovering its enormous possibilities for the continuation of classical education in order to develop intellectual and mental abilities, learn to use life situations to awaken and develop its huge potential, to discover themselves. Many of the operations normally carried out, may well serve the continuous formation and immediately use the exceptional properties of new skills and personal qualities – ACTIVE GROWTH health, beauty and youth.

Personality self-education is carried out ..



… The butterfly house, which was built specifically as the environment, part of the world intended to acquire new knowledge and experience – the brand. the implementation of incentive visits and guided tours aimed at discovering and perfecting himself.

The uniqueness of the butterfly house is a fabulous combination environment, new scientific knowledge and a positive effect of art. We all sometimes feel the need to drop out of the accepted rails and familiar setting. This change may be just setting the butterfly house, where many people have found a lack of inspiration and change your lifestyle.

Personality self-education, stays in the butterfly house there are not time-limited. Due to the relatively free choice of topics, participants can come for a few hours, or spend some time in the environment of the butterfly house for several days.




Education should be:

  • for a wide range of interested professional approach to growing and creating personal qualities and skills to the realization of the ideals of youth, beauty and health.
  • for people with chronic health problems – eg. allergies, asthma, diabetes, obesity, decreased immunity, etc., – their removal is associated with a healthy lifestyle, spiritual equilibrium, stress relief and understanding of the principles of quantum physics and its impact on launching new transformation processes

Education is certified as part of a healthy lifestyle, increasing personal qualities and success in the employability certificate from the Ministry of Education, Science and Research of the Slovak Republic, where you can get a diploma on the acquisition of education 1, 2.alebo 3rd degree.